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Car and Harley Customization in Huntington Beach and Orange County

HB Hot Rods and Hogs is a dedicated shop that provides exceptional quality work including Harley customization, car customizing, and more. Residents of Orange County and Huntington Beach benefit from our dedicated shop that uses specialty equipment to customize Harleys and V-Twin engines. Our customization services can provide you with the results you’ve always wanted, and there are many ways to go about this process. This is why we recommend coming in for a consultation. We can give you a range of options for your V-Twin, Harley, Classic Car, or a regular car.

Our service team is comprised of professionals who are passionate about their work. Our Edelbrock installment center offers customers access to the specialty equipment that generates the best performance possible. Our in-house team has around 100 years’ cumulative experience in conducting repairs and maintenance for optimal vehicle performance. Ed Syer is the team leader, and he’s created an impressive working environment based on camaraderie, friendship, and excellence. We have the tools and skills necessary to get your customization job done right the first time.

Car Customization Services

Car customization services from HB Hot Rods and Hogs can rapidly improve the performance of your vehicle. In addition to servicing Harleys, we can customize any type of automobile to your liking. Work with our team of experienced professionals who understand how to maintain, repair, and customize all kinds of cars. We work closely with each customer to find out exactly what kind of customization you want. We can run through the options and draft up a detailed plan that addresses top-priority items first.

Our customers tend to be extremely informed and knowledgeable. They also typically know what kind of work they want done to their vehicle. Customizing requires an even greater attention to detail and involvement with the client. This is why we work closely when dealing with customization projects.

We work with each person individually to nail down the exact result you want, and we create a plan that can make it happen. Contact us today to set up a time to meet and discuss your vision for your customized automobile.

Our customization process may include:

  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Engine builds
  • Header and fresh air intakes
  • Flash tuning and dyno service
  • Suspension, brakes, engines, tuning, and more
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