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Motorsports Ed’s Competitive Driving Journey

Some believe the thrill of competitive driving is addictive. When it courses through your veins, a significant change is the only remedy. Ed Syer has spent the majority of his life in high-speed contests, and his system simply rebels against the idea of stopping abruptly.

Ed’s Dragster Project

Why not adopt a gradual reduction method and embark on the construction of a classic dragster for those high-speed bouts on the quarter mile? Join Ed as he progresses from simple chromoly structures to a high-power marvel.

With the framework assembled, it's now time to enrich the build with exciting components. Ed has been acquiring some standout pieces. His vehicle sports a 468 BB Chevy equipped with an Enderle Birdcatcher Fuel Injected Intake running on Methanol, a crucial step in preparing for his NHRA accreditation.

What About Fuel Injection?

Fuel injection is the introduction of fuel in an internal combustion engine /  automotive engines.

Advantages of fuel injection are:

  •  Less polluting exhaust emissions
  •  More precise control of fuelling
  •  More precise control of ignition timing
  •  Increased efficiency through better combustion
  • Increased power output
  • Increased torque output
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Ease of tuning
  • Addition of other features – driving modes, different power outputs, traction control

The machine will then receive a 420CI SBC Dry Sump SB 2.2 engine, capped with a Littlefield BDS 671, coupled to a Lenco 3-speed CS1, utilizing a Crower 3-disc Clutch, Moser differential, and Strange Engineering's precision-guidance systems.

Ed's journey began, as it does for many youths, with informal contests on public roads. Choosing to pursue it properly, he underwent training and secured his NHRA License in 1998, maneuvering an ’87 Super class Mustang to clock rapid passes in the 9-second range at speeds reaching nearly 150mph from 1998 to 2002. He parted with the vehicle to invest in a motorcycle dynamometer and launched HB Hogs and Choppers as an extension to his existing Automotion workshop.

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