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HB Hot Rods and Hogs is a full-service automotive and Harley-Davidson motorcycle performance, repair, and maintenance shop. What makes this shop unique is the ability to test and tune their work with their motorcycle and automotive dyno centers. The in-house motorcycle dyno can show you how your performance has increased with a careful selection of products and tuning.

hb hot rods and hogs has been family-owned and operated since 1990!

Nearly 100 years of performance, repair, and maintenance experience combined in this team. A great mix of performance car technology and practical street experience balance to help you enjoy your ride be it on two wheels or four. The team is led by Ed Syer and built over the years of friendship and camaraderie. The guys enjoy their work at HB Hot Rods and Hogs and it shows in the attention they put into your vehicle.

ed syer Owner/Automotive Master Technician

HB Hot Rods and Hogs was started by Ed Syer in the back of his auto repair shop in Huntington Beach where Ed had been building custom performance engines for cars and bikes since the 1980s. Ed’s passion for motorcycles started as a young boy when his father bought him his first mini bike at the age of four.

His enthusiasm for motorsports advanced, leading to his attainment of a professional drag competition license in 1994 for the NHRA Super Gas & Super Comp events. Since 2006, Ed has been an active participant in the AHDRA series. At present, Ed is dedicating his efforts to his Digger initiative, with great expectations for the upcoming competitive season.

dale garlits Automotive Master Technician/Manager

Growing up in a family deeply involved in motorsports, he spent his childhood alongside his grandfather, father, and uncles, collaborating on their performance-oriented vehicles designed for straight-line and circuit competitions. He discovered his talent in automotive repair and maintenance.

Being a wiring expert for motorsport teams became a routine task amidst the exhilarating environment of professional straight-line speed contests. Dale's penchant for autonomy led him to appreciate the diverse workload at establishments such as HB Hot Rods and Hogs.

From routine servicing to enhancing vehicles for combined road and competition use, Dale meticulously ensures that every automobile departs his workshop with impeccable attention to every detail.

travis renner Moto Master Mechanic

Nearly ten years ago, Travis left the tundra of North Dakota to bring his forged talent of fabrication and mechanics to the golden shores of California. Like many fortune seekers coming here, his talent was quickly recognized and put to good use at HB Hot Rods and Hogs. He honed his natural abilities with a stint at MMI in Phoenix.

rick keim Motorcycle Mechanic, Certified Welder

Coming from a family full of motorcycle enthusiasts, I was always around bikes and have been infatuated with all motorcycles. I’ve been bringing life into bikes since 9 years of age flipping dirt bikes to obtain newer bikes. Along with that I crashed a lot of them and picked up welding. I became a certified welder and after 4 years of welding, I started my apprenticeship feeling that I could use my welding and machining skills for building bikes. Almost 4 years later, I can say that I have never been more satisfied and fulfilled with how I make a living.

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