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Dyno Tuning in Huntington Beach and Orange County

Need to improve the performance of your ride? HB Hot Rods and Hogs offers customers in Orange County and Huntington Beach access to the best dyno tuning center in this region. We service a wide variety of vehicle brands and models, including motorcycles with sidecar rigs.

We can provide you with custom mapping services, which are done in-house. We perform dynamometer services for both motorcycles and cars. This instrument will calculate the amount of horsepower required to achieve the torque needed to turn the wheel and drive the car.

Our service professionals can also conduct a detailed analysis of the air-fuel ratio, and this process can optimize the efficiency for your car. Our team is courteous and professional, and we are committed to improving your experience of driving any car, bike, or hot rod.

Our shop is the place to go if you’re serious about tuning your car for maximum performance or if you just want it to sound and look good. We also help racers get your car or motorcycle track ready.

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Edelbrock Installation

Our customers understand the value of the Edelbrock installation services offered by the experienced professionals at HB Hot Rods and Hogs. Performance services make a huge difference in how you experience the engine of your vehicle. The Edelbrock eforce supercharger installer is an incredible asset for increasing the power of the cylinders. Most car guys know that this supercharger can force the air-fuel mixture into the cylinders, and this creates that satisfyingly dynamic and explosive power. The horsepower and torque advantages of this technology are considerable.

Our team of experienced professionals understand how to provide our customers with the best repairs, maintenance, performance enhancements and customization. These services are available from a team of highly qualified and passionate experts who genuinely love working on cars, Harleys and V-Twin engines. Our shop is a welcoming place to bring all of your inquiries, so contact us today.

(714) 890-6171
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