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Harley Repair in Huntington Beach and Orange County

HB Hot Rods and Hogs provides customers with access to a full-service Harley repair facility that is operated by the most qualified and certified professionals in Orange County and Huntington Beach. We hire the most experienced ASE-certified mechanics who undergo regular training and maintain the highest standards of professionalism in this industry. As a full-service facility, we encourage clients from the surrounding areas to come to us for any repair work your car might need. This includes brake repairs, routine maintenance, tire changes, and just about everything else.

We perform a variety of other repair jobs for our clients, and this includes heavy work like engine rebuilds. Our team performs all of these service repairs on-site. Repairing Harley or V-Twin engines are not a problem, and you can rest assured that all of our work is covered under an extended warranty. This covers all of the automobiles serviced at our shop.

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Auto Repair Specialists

Harley and V-Twin owners can also look to our professionals when you need other auto repair work performed at HB Hot Rods and Hogs. Our service technicians work with specialty equipment to get the results you expect and deserve. We combine the experience of race car technicians with the practical street experience of career mechanics. Our team is dedicated to developing a unique environment that encourages testing and tuning our work with motorcycle and automotive dyno centers. We use the in-house motorcycle dyno to demonstrate improvements in your vehicle’s performance. Our automotive repair experts can take care of your vehicle with the same care and precision used for professional race cars.

Our Harley Davidson clients benefit from the extended warranty, which is combined with the work of PhD certified Harley Davidson technicians. Our service professionals can handle a range of jobs that require detailed under-the-hood time, and this includes a variety of maintenance and repair jobs. We provide exceptional repair services for brakes, tires, engine rebuilds, oil changes and much more. The extended warranty covers every car serviced at our shop. Call us today to find out how we can make your car, Harley or V-Twin engine run at its optimal performance level.

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